Thursday, May 24, 2007

Team Development with TFS Guide - Beta 1 is Available

Wondering where I have been hiding all these days? Well for last couple of months I have been working with our patterns & practices team on Team Development with Team Foundation Server Guide. Today we released our Beta 1 for this guide. This is our guide to help show you how to make the most of Team Foundation Server. It's a distillation of many lessons learned. It's a collaborative effort among product team members, field, industry experts, MVPs, and customers.

Even though I have already contributed to articles on MSDN for Whidbey Security, but this is my first contribution towards a complete book and I am pretty excited about it. The main reason being its about Team Software Development which itself is an exciting topic.

If you are using Visual Studio Team System, I would urge you to read our guide and provide feedback to make it even better and be part of this exciting journey. You can download our beta 1 version of the guide from the following location: