Thursday, April 10, 2008

WCF Security - Application Scenarios

Everyone gets excited - when they see the Application Scenarios our team has been creating. As our team defines it, "Application Scenarios are visual blueprints of skeletal solutions for end-to-end deployment scenario."

Each application scenario includes a skeleton view of a deployment topology of particular scenario and a skeletal representation of possible or recommended solution, with analysis of the solution applied.

For me this are visual patterns of scenarios and solution, where you can quickly scan what scenario pattern fits your application (or closest fit) and what is the possible or recommended solution.

But let me be clear here, the recommended solution will not necessarily be 100% fit to your scenario - but treat it as baseline and customize it to your scenario appropriately.

As part of our patterns & practices WCF Security Guidance Project - Yesterday we released a set of Application Scenarios.

Please have a look and provide feedback as to what all you will like to see, added in this Application Scenario catalog.


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

WCF Security - Long way to go!!

I had been hibernating and hence no posts from me in a while - now if you are wondering as to what I was upto during my hibernation, let me clarify, NO I was not wondering about meaning of life or finding ways of "Moksha". I have postponed those things for couple of years.

Infact I was deep diving in WCF security space, and we have recently released some cool WCF guidance on codeplex as part of our patterns & practices WCF Security Guidance Project.

The goal of this project is to find the key combinations of security practices for WCF that work for customers and share them more broadly. At a high-level, you can think of the project in terms of these main buckets:
  • Application Scenarios - These are whiteboard solutions for common end-to-end application scenarios.
  • How Tos - These are step-by-step instructions for performing key end-to-end tasks.
  • Building Codes - These are our sets of rules and practices. This includes Guidelines, Checklists, and Practices at a Glance.
  • Reference - This includes Explained, Cheat Sheets, and Q&A guidance.
We are yet to go long way and are determined to come-up with a killer guide, nonetheless its a good start, would really appreciate if you could provide feedback on the guidance released on codeplex.