Friday, August 24, 2007

Presentation Blues - Some Insights

Recently we have been working on "Performance Testing Guide", we did a presentation today on that topic. The presentation turned out to be less interactive then what we had expected. That got me thinking, what might have been the reason? and what could we have done different, to make it as successful as some of our other presentations?

There might have been number of reasons, but the primary reasons are that, either the audience was overwhelmed with the information we presented, which I like to think was the case, or may be we did not had the right agenda and audience thought they were betrayed.

The more I thought the more I realized that a successful presentation was cooperative function, everyone has to pitch-in to make it successful. A presenter needs to have all the skills and tools, but that alone does not guarantee the success. So here is my breakdown of cooperative function.
  • As a presenter, understand the target audience - set up an agreed agenda for what exactly they are looking for.
  • As a presenter, if you don't fit the bill, deny the opportunity.
  • As a organizer of presentation, open a dialog at appropriate juncture, because audience might take time to open up, this will encourage audience to participate, and also comfort and encourage the presenter.
  • As audience, if a presentation is not addressing your expectation, ask the right questions to get what you are looking for, after all you have invested your precious time here.
If we follow this simple mantra, I am sure everybody's time will be well invested.


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Lalit Kale said...

Hi Prashant!
sounds really helpful post...
In my situation,I need to apply the steps you had written.
I am bit qurious about you,coz I am also from Pune.second thing is I am seeking metors who can help me in software profession.

I am also from Pune....
are you working in Microsoft???
just curious about the last one :)