Thursday, April 12, 2007

Who wants to be an effective leader?

Every individual dreams to be a leader in their own fields, but not all of them end up being a leader. Its not the opportunities but rather the effectiveness that make individual fail as a leader. There are very few people who are natural leaders, most of them have to learn how to be an effective leader. So what's the mantra for being an effective leader.

No points for learning the hard way if you can leverage other's experience. My colleague Jason Taylor has spent the last 10 years leading teams of software developers, testers, and ethical hackers on a wide variety of projects. He has posted his techniques of being an effective leader. He believes following are the traits of an effective leader.
  • Self Awareness. You are aware of your impact on others. You are aware of your own weaknesses and work toward mitigating them.
  • Self Regulation. You think before you act. You consistently act out of your value system. The people around you know what to expect from you.
  • Empathy. You are willing to trust and eager to empower. You are interested in listening and understanding other’s experiences.
  • Social Skills. You are able to connect with others and communicate well.
  • Motivation. You have a passion to lead, you desire to excel, and you actively want the best for your team and yourself.
You can see his post here: How To Be an Effective Leader

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