Sunday, March 25, 2007

Knowledge Vs Techniques

I always argue with Rohit Sharma, one of my best friends, at times just for the heck of it and at times just to make him see the other side of the story. The topic of argument is anything from United Nations role or lack of it in world politics, India's awful performance in Cricket World Cup 2007, to, where we are going to lunch on weekends.

Few days back I had an interesting discussion with him, please note a DISCUSSION and NOT an argument, guess a good change. The topic of discussion was why some people are successful and others not so much. Even though they might be equally smart, believe me knowing smart people is not easy, even if you are from India or working for technology company!!

The discussion took lots of twist and turns and some tangents (as usual). The conclusion of the discussion was, the differentiating factor between successful people and not so much was the techniques people use rather than the knowledge they possess.

The main problem is we are keen on accumulating knowledge, which has possibility of being obsolete over time, but we rarely work on improving our techniques. This is applicable in whatever domain you might be working. The techniques are acquired over years unconsciously, through your schooling, college or your first job when dealing with different issues. We never consciously try and improve our techniques on the other hand we are totally focused on accumulating knowledge.

Sure you need knowledge but to be really successful you need to refine your techniques along the way. In today's competitive world improving your techniques in addition to good knowledge can take you places. I am analyzing how I can improve my techniques, what about you?



Ashish said...

This quite intresting.... and quite true

Vickie said...

Something to think about. Thanks.