Sunday, March 25, 2007

Visual Studio Team System Guidance

There is lot of good product documentation available for Visual Studio Team System and Team Foundation Server, but very little contextual guidance. Whatever little guidance is available, its dispersed over the net. There is no single source of comprehensive trustworthy quality guidance, which is easy to consume.

I am really excited to share that, in an attempt to fill up this void, I have teamed up with J. D. Meier, Alex Mackman and Jason Taylor on Visual Studio Team System Guidance project. Being a small team, we are planning to go by "divide and rule" mantra. So we are focusing one area at a time.

Last week we focused on Source Control and came up with some good Practices, How Tos , Explained and Q&A. Additionally we are creating Video Based Guidance, which are short, focused videos for performning a task or learning a concept.

We have published these guidance on . You are most welcome to provide feedback on these guidance and be part of an exciting journey!!


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