Monday, April 2, 2007

Guidance Explorer Revisited - Part 2

There are two aspects to guidance Consumptions, Discovery and Composition. I have talked about GE features supporting guidance discovery in my previous post. In this post I am going to talk about GE features enabling Composition i.e. organization of the guidance.

Following features in GE enables the composition of guidance.

Views - Views are a by-reference view of guidance items within a single library or across multiple libraries. My Views node in the GE is your workspace to organize guidance. You can create views and drag and drop relevant guidance from guidance list across libraries.

Search Views - A search view is an extension of normal views. While still a by-reference collection of guidance items, the items are selected by a query rather than by manual selection. For instance a search view could be created to select Checklist Items for a performance code review on a .NET 2.0 application.The benefit of a search view is that it will update with new items that match the query once they become available.

You can create complex tree structure of views, search views and folders to organize the guidance in a way that makes sense from your project perspective. For example you can compose and use a discrete set of guidelines and checklists that match to the tasks you are performing on a daily basis



Scott C said...

This is a great tool, thanks for the info.
Is there any help documentation available?

Scott C

Prashant Bansode said...

Thanks Scott.

This was a R&D project hence we don't have help or product documentation.

But we do provide the source code, which you can use to understand the tool and improve it as you find useful.

Source Code -

Gokulaprakash said...

This is a great tool.

Can you provide some help on how to create a view, search and export the content?

Anonymous said...

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